Drop Foot Braces – What You Need to Know

Drop Foot Braces, as named by its manufacturer (Yenning Medical), are Chinese-made shoes which contain and channel specific acupuncture energy. The concept of this product is based on traditional Chinese medical practice wherein an acupoint in the foot is linked to a particular organ or systems. When that acupoint is depressed, pain is relieved; when it is released, pain is alleviated. Through the use of acupuncture pressure points, the same energy that relieves pain is channeled and directed into the corresponding acupoint in the foot.

The shoe’s entire sole is made up of these channels and corresponds to specific acupoints located on the feet. These acupoints are linked to the organs or systems which support and nourish the feet. Through the continuous release of pressure points, the feet can automatically absorb the energy and become strong and healthy. As a result, one’s feet becomes fit like those of a horse.

The mechanism of the shoes is similar to that of spike heel implants. It is implanted directly below each of the acupoints in the foot. The implanted spring attached to a metal clip; it is slid along a post via the use of a screw thread. This allows the drop foot braces to be properly adjusted depending on the patient’s feet size and position.

There are several benefits of using adjustable drop foot braces. Apart from correcting your gait, they help in increasing the strength of your ligaments, muscles and tendons. Once these bones, tissues and ligaments get strengthened, it helps in improving your posture, stability and balance. Apart from this, they also help you in walking with more ease and improve your walking speed, while keeping your body relaxed. In fact, when you adopt this kind of orthopedic treatment, you are in a better position to prevent various injuries, which might occur due to a wrong gait.

The mechanism used in the shoe is very effective. Many patients experience immediate relief from pain when they wear the drop foot braces. However, one drawback of this method is that it does not allow the feet to breathe. Although it does alleviate pain, one end result is respiratory insufficiency. As time goes by, the user will begin to feel tired because the respiratory system of the patient’s body is deprived.

Another drawback of using drop foot braces is that they tend to break easily especially for heavy users. In such cases, it will be necessary to replace them once the therapy is stopped. Some drop foot braces are equipped with anti-skid features so as to prevent the feet from slipping. However, many do not consider this as a disadvantage and think of it as a benefit.

These days, more people wear these types of foot braces due to their positive results. Even children can benefit from wearing them as they grow. With so many different styles and designs available, anyone can find one that fits their taste. In addition, the cost of these devices has greatly decreased making them affordable even for those who cannot afford traditional orthotics.

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