Drop Foot Brace for Stroke Patients

Drop foot braces are a specialized therapeutic option designed to support and protect the foot, ankle and toes of stroke patients. Stroke patients who require a protective and adjustable brace to maintain the stability and movement range of their limbs can use a specially-designed brace for their specific needs. These supports are specifically designed to provide the much-needed stability and help to reduce pain and disability in the leg and foot while rehabilitating movement and function.

A qualified physical therapist will first make an impression of your leg using a specialized audiometer and/or calipers. Then the orthotic/supportive device will be made to order to customize a comfortable custom fit. Your customized orthosis/strap will be custom molded to your individual body measurements and shape to provide the greatest amount of support and stability at all times. Once your custom-fitted foot brace for stroke is made, you’ll receive it in the mail for fast and easy shipping.

A leg brace like this can be a life-saver in many ways. In addition to providing increased stability and support, a leg brace for stroke patients also reduces the chance of re-injuring or damaging the injured area. Re-injuring a bursa can occur when the bursa becomes inflamed, torn or cut. This re-injures the foot by making pressure on the adjacent muscles and tendons, causing pain, swelling and a loss of function. By using a specially-designed brace for your leg muscles, you can greatly reduce the risk of re-injuring the area and decreasing the possibility of disability related to the condition.

For those who have experienced injury to their legs previously, or for those whose leg muscles have become accustomed to regular activity, a leg brace may not be necessary. In these cases, a regular support foot cast or boot might be more appropriate. Using these products will allow you to stand with less stress on the injured foot, which can be very beneficial for rehabilitation. For those who are still in need of a leg support, using a brace can significantly reduce the risk of serious damage or injury to the foot and leg.

The drop foot braces is made with an elasticated material that is designed to adhere to the leg muscles and provide the right amount of support at all times. The braces will either be for walking on surfaces such as floors or outdoor paths, or they can be used during water activities. These products are designed for individuals of all sizes, including individuals with smaller leg muscles. Some manufacturers specialize in the manufacture of this product to better fit individuals with smaller sized legs, and there are many different sizes of this product available for stroke patients.

If you are interested in obtaining a leg support for the injured foot or legs, it is important that you learn about the benefits of using a compression stockings or brace for stroke patients. Compression stockings are custom-fitted, custom-made leg support socks that are made to help support the leg muscles while the individual is wearing them. They are often used to alleviate leg pain and stiffness that has resulted from a variety of conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and repetitive motion injury. Made from an elasticated material, compression socks help to keep the leg muscles from flexing, which can greatly reduce the pain associated with these conditions.

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